Profiling a Man who Loves Bikes

Going into this assignment, I have no idea who I was going to profile. I had researched candidates online, but I couldn’t find anyone interesting or someone who had any potential to be an entertaining subject. I decided to wing it and go door to door asking people if they’d be interested in being profiled, and it turned out to be the right decision.

I decided to start my search at Paul’s Bicycle Way of Life and ran into Michael Martin. I gave him my pitch and he said he’d do it, and it looked to me like it was not the first time he had been asked to do something of this sort. And after working in downtown Eugene for around 30 years, that doesn’t surprise me one bit.

The interview went alright. I had some good questions, but it wasn’t enough. I had around a total of 13 minutes in recording from the interview, and not all of it could’ve been used towards the actual story. If I had to do it over again, I would’ve come up with a few more questions that could’ve kept the interview going a little longer. But overall, I think the finished project will turn out all right.

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