Profile in the Making

Choosing River Road as our neighborhood to report on has probably made this class a little more stressful than it needs to be. It is one of the largest neighborhoods, so it’s a little overwhelming and hard to know where to start. I was worried about choosing a profile subject for this assignment because it is such a broad area that I needed to pick someone who I thought represented the area well and would also provide an interesting profile.

 After three or four trips out to River Road, I came across a non-profit organization that really caught my attention. Local community members had told us that homelessness was one of the biggest issues affecting the neighborhood. Street Ministry is a non-profit organization that seeks to help the homeless by providing them with food, clothes, and other resources to get them back on their feet. I was inspired by the organization and wanted to learn more about it, which is why I chose the owner, Janice Swan, as my profile subject.

Once I decided on my subject, I gave her a call and got the okay to schedule an interview. I have had a little trouble getting a hold of her when I need to speak with her, but I’ve realized that she probably has a lot going on with her job.

In her interview, I learned why Swan chose to choose this path in life. Her and her husband are caring compassionate people who want to help others and share the message of God. I could tell by the way Swan spoke about her job that she is truly passionate about what she does.

Even though I was a little overwhelmed at first about picking a profile subject, I found one with a really compelling story and I look forward to learning more about her and sharing her story.

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