My hangout at the fire station in Churchilll

Last Thursday I spent two and a half hours at Fire Station 10 in Churchill, rode in the truck to an accident and realized why I need to marry a firefighter. And wrote a profile.

I had already interviewed the firefighters at Station 10 for the neighborhood story and knew I wanted to go back to get a profile on one of these guys. Before ever spending time with five firefighters, let alone spending time at a fire station at all, I always thought of them as more of police officers. They seemed very official, strict and busy all the time. After getting a glimpse of their job, now I realize they are just like us; they have families, they pull pranks on each other, they make fun of homeless people, they go grocery shopping together. 

I decided to write my profile on one of the younger guys, Jason Lockett. He has been a firefighter in Churchill for two years and said he wakes up excited to go to work. “I don’t think many jobs are like that,” Lockett said. 

Two journalism students sat in the dining room at the fire station chatting with four firefighters about their job and daily lives. I got more of an insight than I had expected. Halfway through the interview the alarms went off and the captain approved us to ride along. I honestly felt like a little kid riding in that fire truck. Everyone moves out of the way for you on the road, the sirens are blaring and the firefighters had their cool headsets and gear on, preparing themselves for whatever we were about to witness.

The accident ended up being a scratch on a bumper and seemed like 9-1-1 was dialed as a threat from the woman who apparently backed into two young men’s truck. Even though it was minor, it was neat to get a first hands look at Jason’s job. 

Back at the station they said how they wished it was a little more exciting of an accident so that we could really get to see them in action. Which is when they invited us to spend a longer amount of time with them on another date. Awesome! 

The firefighters at Station 10 made me feel so comfortable and were so easy to get along with. They are some of the nicest, most genuine people I have met. It didn’t feel like an interview at all and they were open to talk about anything. If all subjects are as nice as the firefighters, then being a journalist must be the most eye-opening job. 

Hopefully when I go back I’ll be able to get a little more information on a personal side rather than a professional one. As for now, though, I feel as if I owe it to this hero to make sure he is put on the pedestal that he deserves to be on through writing this profile. 

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I am a senior at the University of Oregon and this blog is meant for my usage in my lovely journalism class, and much much more!
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