Getting to know the sassy Italian woman behind the lunch counter

The idea for my profile assignment did not come to me from weeks or days of mulling over an idea. It seriously popped into my head when I woke up. From a crazily deep slumber, I woke with one thought in my head that I decided to pursue: cafeteria worker. It was only after I dragged myself out of my bed and under the hot water streaming from my shower, that I reasoned out why this would be an interesting topic to write about. When someone thinks of a high school, many think of teachers, principals, and students. But I wanted to do a profile on someone  that doesn’t get as much recognition. So early on Tuesday morning, I drove out to Churchill High School and asked to interview one of their cafeteria workers. After speaking with their liason, they told me I could a woman named Rosa Mariotti would be more than happy to be interviewed. Thus, the awesome profiling experience commenced.

The whole experience of getting to know Rosa in her environment was a good refreshing way of reminding me of why I like journalism so much. Interviewing her put me in a place where I wouldn’t find myself at all if it weren’t for the circumstances. So the very day that I came up with the idea, I was helping her serve lunch to a portion of the 1,200 Churchill students and observing how she interacted and thrived within her work space. The overall experience was insightful, eye-opening, and pleasant. What I didn’t expect was how hard it would be to organize all of my thoughts into a 600-word article. This part of the reporting process is what I believe is the most difficult for me. Thank goodness we have a draft due before the actual profile comes out. In the meantime, I will hash and rehash my ideas until I come to a satisfying piece.

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