Afraid of Bees at a Bee Farm

            Working on my profile has been quite the experience of racing, hasty e-mails, and staring at a blank computer screen. Last Sunday night, I began scrambling to find a subject when I thought due dates were different and wasn’t getting responses from people I had e-mailed earlier. It was very difficult stalking different websites, groups, and blogs to try to uncover someone interesting that also had an interesting back-story. I felt super awkward most of the time when thinking about contacting different people, especially if they only had a phone number listed instead of an e-mail address. I always have this huge guilt that I am inconveniencing people like crazy when I ask them for help or for an interview.

            I ran into even more stress once I finally found a subject because someone else had already contacted them to do the same assignment. It ended up working out well because I feel like we’ll take the story at different angles, but I do still worry that our two different profiles are going to be compared rather than looked at separately. When I went to meet my interviewee, I made the mistake of wearing shorts to a bee farm. I was twitching and freaking out the whole time as bees were landing on my bare legs. It was quite the sight.

            Once I had my interview all recorded, I didn’t really know where to begin. I now realize why most people bring both a voice recorder and a notepad because going through an hour long interview word by word to transcribe it on my computer was much more time consuming than I had anticipated. Writing and organizing all of the information I have from my subject is also very difficult, as I feel like I have to get it all in somehow but know that there is not enough room. It’s interesting stuff and I want everyone to know about this person, though, so each fact I cut is like cutting a piece of this person’s life that people won’t get to see.

            As of now, I have a draft done that is far too long and wordy, but I kind of don’t know where to go from here. I’m trying to figure out the format Suzi explained to us in class on Wednesday, but I also feel like sometimes that doesn’t always work best for each individual case, as it is very structured. At least it’s just a first draft and I can add in things as I go and get more feedback on the way.

About lilybnelson

Hi! My name is Lily Nelson and I come from the glorious state of Utah. Nestled between mountains at 6,000 feet, I find comfort in a good hike, dogs, the trees, crossword puzzles, campfires, kitchen utensils, family, friends, and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Between my sense of humor and my strong need for things to flow with rhythm and meaning, I have always been able to express myself best through my way with words. Maybe it’s because I come from a family of writers, but sometimes I feel like I spend too much time focusing on words, finding the English section on the ACT to be a good time or reading novels in Spanish while on the treadmill. Yet, in a way this trait of mine has been a blessing disguise, making me realize that whatever I happen to do with my life must fulfill my love for the written word, no matter which language.
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