Exploring among the bees and butterflies for my profile story

After hearing rumors that there were beekeepers in the Amazon neighborhood, I explored online. I knew from the beginning that I wanted to do something with gardens for my profile story because of the abundance of organic, local businesses in the area. I eventually discovered David Stucky, a man noted in that area of Eugene for his beautiful garden and bee-keeping skills.

Well, it did not take long for me to get ahold of him via phone and ended up standing last Tuesday in his garden located in the back of his “house,” which is currently being remodeled, smelling all sorts of flowers and plants. Coincidentally, Lilly, another girl in my Amazon group, was there too to interview David. He led both of us slowly around his garden, careful to point out all of the vegetables, fruits, and other greens he had planted. He spent a decent amount of time talking about the bees, which was fascinating and made me want to start bee-keeping myself. The amount of humble pride in his garden made both Lily and I respect him as a gardener and as a good person, who merely wants to make himself and the planet healthier. We even got to check out his six chickens, which he occasionally lets roam the garden.

The hardest part of this assignment has definitely been trying to find a second source. While he did talk about the kids across the street going over to his garden to learn about the bees, I tried to get ahold of them and found no luck until today. I finally got ahold of the family there and set a time to talk to them.

I have also tried to get ahold of a woman who helped David with him composting. The woman works at Grassroots Garden on Coburg Road and has come into contact with David multiple times. I am still trying to get in touch with her.

Overall, this experience has been exciting and frustrating at the same time. While I have an amazing story, finding another source has been a struggle. I am hopeful that I will find another before the final deadline for the assignment.

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