The Process of Writing A Profile on a Jazzercise Instructor

I began my search for my profile subject the first time I walked into my neighborhood and passed a charming old house that had been converted into a naturopathic clinic. My parents are naturopathic doctors and I thought it would be interesting to apply my knowledge on the subject to a series of interviews with one of the doctors. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the contact information for the clinic anywhere but in the process was drawn to a qigong and tai chi teacher. He confirmed an interview but couldn’t meet until later in the term, so he was out too. So running out of time, I began to search through the Jefferson Westside Neighborhood’s list of businesses in hopes of finding one that stuck out to me. Through that process I found Lesli Turner a Jazzercise instructor and owner of Eugene Jazzercise Studio. I couldn’t be happier.

Turner has been incredibly helpful and friendly she not only agreed to me watching her teach a class and ask questions at the studio, she insisted I take one. So yes, I spent an hour Jazzercising with the regulars to get a new perspective for my story. She also did a second phone interview with me in order to get more information.

Turner has an incredibly interesting story that includes introducing Jazzercise to a small Austrian town and being honored along with the creator of Jazzercise during a convention there. It was fun hearing her stories and getting a sense of her real personality as the story went on.

So far, I haven’t had any problems accumulating information for my story and now it’s just a matter of putting it into an interesting profile. I plan to try and get most of it done by Friday night.

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