My Profile’s Progress So Far

I just finished my profile draft and emailed it to Jen, so I’m very relieved. I interviewed my subject, the owner of the New Day Bakery, Bill Mahoney, last week. While I was at his business I got two interviews with his employees as well. The employees had some great quotes that I used in my profile. I think it’s going well so far. I definitely have a lot more work to do of structuring my profile, but I tried to get as much of a full draft done as I could, so that I can get a sufficient amount of feedback to help me move forward with it.

I may have to do follow up interviews, it really depends what Jen says about my draft, luckily my subject was completely open to me coming back again. Overall, I think I’m moving forward at a good pace, and I think that I’ll have a solid profile done by the due date on Wednesday.

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