Changing Trainsong

Trainsong neighborhood has been working towards a better, safer community, and residents can tell the difference. 

By Haley Savage

Trainsong neighborhood in Eugene has been known to have problems such as gangs, drugs, bums, and violence. Residents and business owners in Trainsong, however, say that those problems are things of the past.

Trainsong residents say the neighborhood has taken great strides in the last few years. They don’t deny that there are certain problems still in Trainsong, but praise their neighborhood for the drastic change in the nature of its problems

Jeff Althouse said Trainsong’s biggest challenge is its infrastructure.

Majority owner of Oakshire Brewing Jeff Althouse thinks that Trainsong community doesn’t have any big problems, but thinks that the infrastructure of Trainsong could use some improvements. “They’ve got that sidewalk that comes out partway and sort of stops, so it would be nice if the sidewalk went all the way through,” Althouse said. “And maybe if the grass got mowed along Bethel Dr. there a little more often.” He suggests fixing up Bethel Dr., Trainsong’s main road, in order to improve the neighborhood and make access to Trainsong’s businesses more convenient.

Katie Amondson, program manager of Looking Glassstation 7 in Trainsong, said that, besides Trainsong Park, there aren’t a lot of places for people to hang out and get to know each other in the neighborhood. In the last year or two, people in the neighborhood have gotten together to discuss the good and the bad of the neighborhood, Amondson said, and have been able to make improvements with the help of the city. To keep improving the neighborhood, Amondson said community is key. “I think the community, people feeling connected to one another and maybe having places to gather, to meet one another and to build certain community.” She says that neighborhood residents and business owners have done a good job in the past of identifying and improving problems, and a stronger sense of community will keep them on the right track.

Shane Truesdale said Trainsong neighborhood has improved over the last several years.

Trainsong resident Shane Truesdale agreed that community is the biggest challenge in the neighborhood, but that it has been improving over the last few years. He said that there used to be a lot of problems with drugs and gangs, but that Trainsong has started a neighborhood committee, complete with neighborhood watch, which has improved the neighborhood greatly. He said that the neighborhood residents now make an effort to get to know each other. “We have things for the kids to do, like games and stuff,” Truesdale said. “We have barbeques, what have you, just so you can kind of get to know your neighbors.” He is a member of the Trainsong neighborhood committee and has noticed a big difference since moving to the neighborhood several years ago. “I think if we just keep moving forward the way we have been and stay a community, I think it should be fine.”

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