The Museum of Natural and Cultural History presents: Hubble Space Telescope, images we could only imagine.

Photo from the Museum of Natural and Cultural History

Our view from earth is limited, as our eyes can only see so far, the telescopes in which we deem proper can only show so much, The Museum of Natural and Cultural History presents, the Hubble Space Telescope and gives a glimpse of the universe in ways one could only dream.

Technological advances and the ways that these advances have assisted in the quest to know more of the “unknown” have opened our eyes in ways one could only dream. In 1990 the Hubble Space Telescope was launched. As this telescope orbits earth it is above the atmosphere, which cause interference as it distorts the light from above to our eyes. The University of Oregon Exhibit shows the images that the Hubble has taken and explains how light waves are used to generate images that are majestic and clear as the night sky.

According to the NASA Hubble website:

“Hubble is one of NASA’s most successful and long-lasting science missions. It has beamed hundreds of thousands of images back to Earth, shedding light on many of the great mysteries of astronomy. Its gaze has helped determine the age of the universe, the identity of quasars, and the existence of dark energy.”
Photo taken at the Museum of Natural and Cultural History

As light waves are used to generate these images minds are still left wandering. Peter Tran, University of Oregon Student and Psychology major said, “Probably my favorite exhibit in the museum, because it’s the most visually stimulating, in my opinion, because there are so many different colors.”

This exhibit that is held by the University of Oregon gives the community a chance to see up close and personal what is beyond this world. “I thought it was kind of ridiculous how big the universe is and how insignificant I am to everything else you know,” said Tran.

The Museum of Natural and Cultural history will be on display from now through February 2013. April 30, 2012 was just one day out of the many to take an opportunity to see something amazing. Along with Photographs the Museum offers hands on interactive features, such as, creating white light.

Sunday was a hot sunny day, and as the weather gets nicer the museum fights for the attention of the community. With roughly 25 visitors on Sunday the museum was happy to serve the community.

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