Guy Kawasaki Enchants the University of Oregon

Guy Kawasaki spoke to the University of Oregon last Thursday night in the EMU Ballroom, sponsored by CoDaC, the University’s Center on Diversity and Community. Kawasaki’s presentation discussed the topics in his new book Enchantment.

Kawasaki’s presentation outlined the main steps in his book to achieve enchantment, meaning that you are enchanting, and you enchant other people. Kawasaki himself was very enchanting, and was enchanted by the University of Oregon. “I am really happy to be here. I just love the University of Oregon,” said Kawasaki. More than 200 people, including students, University faculty, and community members gathered in the EMU Ballroom to hear Kawasaki’s presentation.

Rita Radostitz, the Communications Director for the Office of of Institutional Equity and Diversity, helped to bring Kawasaki to the University for this presentation. She said, “Guy is a very successful entrepreneur and speaker and I think that having real world icons helps students to envision what they could do in the future; I also think that not only his message of enchantment and community, but his showing of enchantment was something that students are likely to gain from.”

Kawasaki was previously the chief evangelist of Apple. He is the co-founder of, an online magazine rack of popular topics on the web, and a founding partner of Garage Technology Ventures. He is also a columnist for the Open Forum of American Express.

Kawasaki presented the ten steps that, if achieved, he believes will lead you to become an enchanting person and be able to enchant other people. The entirety of the presentation was filled with many colorful anecdotes by Kawasaki that helped demonstrate each point, but at the end of the day, his presentation effectively displayed traits that every individual should have for engaging and working well with other people.

He also discussed many tactics for marketing yourself through social media, and the dos and don’ts of behaving in the work place. He described those as, “Enchanting up,” meaning that you need to be able to enchant your superiors, and “Enchanting down,” meaning that you should be able to enchant the people working for you, to create a happier work environment.

The presentation was followed by a book signing of Enchantment. 

Harsha Gangadharbatla, an Assistant Professor in Advertising at the University, said that he enjoyed Kawasaki’s presentation, and elaborated that what he took away from the presentation was that sometimes the package matters more than the product. Sometimes the product won’t reach it’s full potential, unless you put enough time and effort into the package.

“We very much would like to bring more speakers like Guy to campus,” said Rita Radostitz. “Which is why CoDaC is organizing the first ever TEDxUOregon to be held on campus in the fall.”

Guy Kawasaki, sponsored by CoDaC, Enchants the University of Oregon

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