Bob Marley Lecture Provides New Insight On The REGGAE KING

Bob Marley is someone that everyone seems to know about.  He sings songs that everyone has heard, said quotes that many can recite, and started trends that many seem to follow.  But does anyone really know what the man did throughout his lifetime that has affected so many people worldwide?

Countless individuals think they know the real story behind the reggae king Bob Marley, but none know the story of struggle, success and passion better than Roger Steffens.  Steffens, a legendary Marley historian gave a multimedia presentation last Thursday on the man that he has dedicated his life to studying. 

Thelma Shnitzer Hall on the Campus of the University of Oregon played host to “The Life of Bob Marley”, a live Multimedia presentation by Roger Steffens the night of April 26, 2012.  There were around 250 people in the audience for the presentation, ranging from children to grandparents wanting information on the man they all love listening to.  

The presentation was put together to not only inform the public about the music that Bob Marley produced, but the wonderful type of person Marley was and the impact that he had on the world.  The lecture was open to the public and free for any individual to attend, although some were forced to stand for the presentation as the room got full.

“I’m here to tell the true story of Bob Marley,” said Steffens.  “There are so many myths and misunderstandings about such a great man that I feel it is my job to fill those gaps.”

Steffen fills the missing information in for audience members with unseen interviews, backstage footage, and even a short documentary about the assassination attempt on Bob Marley. 

The lecture by Steffens was more than a biography; it really gave audience members a feeling that they knew Marley, almost on a personal level. The information provided was intriguing and continuously drew audience members in. 

“I never knew that Bob Marley did all these things for others, “said audience member Brett Bass.  “I have always loved listening to his music but never really got the full understanding of the type of person he was.  This presentation has really informed me on the things that Marley did aside from make the music I love listening to every day.”

The University of Oregon’s School of Music and dance sponsored the presentation.  Professor of Political Science Joe Lowndes hosted the speech and discussed the political impact that Marley had.  Lowndes explained how Marley helped the third world through a major struggle, but how he also continues to have an impact in peoples lives today long after his death.    


Roger Steffens: 323-667-0867, Joe Lowndes: 541-346-1478, Brett Bass: 818-633-3418

About Charlie Kaufman

My name is Charlie Kaufman and I am a journalism student at the University of Oregon. I hope to focus on investigative journalism with an emphasis on sports. In the future I would like to be working with ESPN or CBS sports making sports documentary pieces that go into the lives of athletes rather than just focus on what they can do with their athletic ability. I also really enjoy science and informative documentary, where an individual can watch an hour or so film and get a full understanding of a new subject.
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