Twitter Scavenger Hunt!

Our favorite spot, Agate Hall, temporary home of the School of Journalism and Communication. Photo by the U of O's Campus Planning and Real Estate department, in the public domain.

Hi #J361! Here’s your Twitter Scavenger Hunt assignment (adapted slightly from the original created by Professor Carrie Brown-Smith, @Brizzyc on Twitter, of the University of Memphis), to be done with one partner, who can be ANYONE ELSE IN THE CLASS, anytime this week. (I’d pick a two-hour period and just go out and do it, if I were you.)

Twitter “Scavenger Hunt”

***Use BOTH #J361 & the hashtag, #JRLWeb***

Grab a partner and head out on campus. You have 10 topics/assignments to Tweet … and only one person needs to be the tweeter; however, she or he should introduce both members of the pair by Twitter handle in the first #JRLWeb #J361 post. Due anytime between now and midnight Sunday, April 29.



  • Think like a reporter. Have an eagle eye for the interesting, the important, and the relevant, the unique, and the immediate. Double check your facts. You must get people’s real names and spell them correctly. Do not interview someone who won’t give you her or his name.
  • Think like a persuasive communicator. Show the world what is cool about the UO.
  • Think like a storyteller. You may only have 140 characters in each Tweet, but you can say a lot in a few words and by using an image.
  • You may use more than one Tweet for each of the items below. Don’t overdo it, though. Less is more.
  • Why are we doing this? A good Twitterer is a careful observer who ALWAYS has an eye open for novel and important information that might be relevant to your audience. He or she does bring perspective and voice, but is always thinking about the audience and what the audience’s needs are. Twitter also is a fabulous tool for creating community. This assignment spans several schools (though the others are nearing the end of their semester & have already done the assignment, and you’re still at the early middle of spring term – so some of them WILL see this).
  • The usual rules about not interviewing friends, family or anyone else from the J-school still apply here.

Go out and Tweet:

  1. School spirit! Photo and quote from someone (not you or your partner) revealing school or civic spirit (what that means is up to you. Be creative!).
  2. Photo and quote (not of/from you or your partner) from your favorite eating spot or watering hole on or near campus.
  3. Professor on the street. Photo and quote from a professor on campus. Ask the professor what role he or she thinks social media plays in our society today. Be sure you include the professor’s title and department.
  4. Student on the street. Photo and quote from a student. Ask student where s/he gets news and if s/he uses social media to keep up on the news. Be sure you include her/his year in school and major.
  5. Academic excellence. Photo and quote that reveals (you are going to have to be creative) how the UO contributes to cutting edge research and/or learning.
  6. Scenic spot. Photo of your favorite scenic spot on or near the UO campus.
  7. Little-known fact. Photo and quote of something you think many people might not know about the UO or campus or Springfield or Eugene.
  8. Fanatic fans – Photo/quote from somebody asking for their predictions on the remainder of the softball or baseball seasons, or other UO sport of your choice.
  9. Extracurricular extravaganza: Photo and quote that exemplify one of the huge variety of clubs, organizations, etc. available to students at the UO.
  10. Freestyle: Your very own final unique tidbit of information/photo about our campus or city. Be creative.

And while you’re out tweeting, respond to at least 5 of the tweets of your classmates. Unless you’re first, in which case, try to do it later in the week.

If you want to make a Storify of your tweets, check Brendan FitzPatrick’s great one from the other class (#J361NN) here (the only problem is that he didn’t get one person’s name, oops!).

About Suzi Steffen

Suzi Steffen teaches, writes, edits, reviews and rides (her adult tricycle named Momo) in Eugene, Oregon. For many years, she taught as an adjunct instructor at the University of Oregon's School of Journalism and Communication. As of fall 2015, she's teaching at Linn-Benton Community College, and as of fall 2017, she's also teaching at Wenatchee Valley College in Washington State. Suzi edited Lane Monthly and works as an arts journalist across the state and country. You can find her at jprofsuzi on Twitter or email her at jprofsuzi at gmail dot com.
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