Landing on River Road

The River Road community is primarily a residential area, but it has become home to many locally owned businesses.  While chain restaurants and other industries have developed with the expansion of the road, this area has developed an eclectic environment.

When searching for something on River Road, it is highly unlikely that it will not be found. Multiple churches can be found along the road in  any denomination that is practiced.

Santa Clara Church- 175 Santa Clara Avenue, (541)689-2127

One Love Church, North Eugene High School, 200 Silver Lane, (541) 520-7122

Riveria Baptist Church, 3071 River Road, (541) 688-2915

North Eugene Faith Center, 151 River Avenue, (541) 461- 0797

Peace Presbyterian Church, 3060 River Road, (541) 688-2218

Day Spring Fellowship, 1580 River Road, (541) 688- 3859

St. Matthews Episcopal Church, 4110 River Road, (541) 689-4010

River Road Baptist Church, 1105 River Road, (541) 688-6071

Along the River Road community there is a plethora of dining restaurants, as well as a variety of transportation services offered to accompany individuals to these specified locations. Chambers St. turns into River Road as it begins at the corner of Roosevelt Blvd. These local food-dining businesses along River Road provide a place for the younger community to go to on their down time, as well as bring the surrounding natives together. The transit station surrounds the entirety of River Road, making it easy for residents to get from one area to the next efficiently.


Happy Hours located on Knoop Ln.

Wild Plum Bakery located on Knoop Ln

Cordy’s Country BBQ located on Hawthorne Ave.

Emerald Center located on McClure Ln.

Twin Dragon Restaurant located on McClure Ln.

Govinda’s Vegetarian Buffett located on W. Hilliard Ln.

Domino’s Pizza located on Merry Ln.

Pizza Hut located on Carolyn Dr.

Eugene Mongolian Grill located in between Carolyn Dr. and River Ave.

Riviera Center located on River Ave.

Sy’s New York Pizza located on River Ave.

Arby’s located on River Ave.

Papa John’s Pizza, Fred Meyer located on Division Ave.

Baskin-Robbins located on Santa Clara Ave.

Track Town Pizza located on Green Ln.

Papa Murphy’s Take ‘n’ Bake located on Irving Rd.

Dani Mart located on Irvington Dr.

St. Mathews Episcopal Church, Grace Baptist Church, After School Club (Silver Oak Dr.)


Greeneyeautos bio fuel vehicles located on the corner of Thomason Ln.

Red Baron Travel located on Holeman Ave., next to Joel’s Appliance Store

E/S of River Rd. S of Briarcliff located on Briarcliff Loop.

U-Haul Neighborhood Dealer located on Crocker Ln.

River Road Station located on River Ave.

Peak Performance Automotive located on Hansen Ln.
River Road has a variety of bus stops, located on:

Hansen Ln.

Knoop Ln.

Stuits Ave.

Park Ave.

Elkay Dr.

McClure Ln.

E Hilliard Ln.

Arbor Dr.

Lidner Ln.

Manyard Ave.

Rosewood Ave.

Hamilton Ave.

Owosso Dr.

Kourt Dr.

Santa Clara Ave.

Irving Rd.

Blazer Ave.

Banton Ave.

Blackfoot Ave.

River Road Santa Clara Volunteer Library:

The River Road Santa Clara Volunteer Library is a non-profit organization that began in 2003 and was open for the people in June of 2005. This volunteer program works to maintain library services for the River Road community, keeping the accessibility open to all members of the surrounding society. Currently, thirty thousand people who live within the River Road – Santa Clara area have full access to low cost library services that were once unavailable to the people.

With a plethora of over 15,000 books and a variety of other materials, this volunteer library proves how powerful the River Road community is, and how each member truly cares for the betterment of the people. Come celebrate with this tight-knit community by reading with peers and expanding your educational horizons.- NF

River Road – Santa Clara Volunteer Library

105 Oakleigh Lane

Eugene, OR 97404

Contact: 541-607-1882

Volunteer Contact: Linda Huston at 688-1621


Located just off of River Road, the Lane Area Ferret Shelter and Rescue (LAFL) is located at 323 Exeter Avenue, just off of Santa Clara Avenue. This shelter is an exclusively ferret oriented rescue haven for abandoned or neglected ferrets. LAFL was developed after community members saw how people were unable or unprepared to meet the needs of their new pets. Since the establishment of LAFL, over 100 ferrets have been placed into homes and they pride themselves on never turning any ferret away. Information and ferret doctors can be found through contacting the Shelter at (541) 484-1090 or visiting the website. -AJ

River Road/Santa Clara Parks

The River Road area is one of the largest districts in the Eugene area. River Road is also a part of Santa Clara. The combination of these two areas and the amount of parks found in the district are abundant and necessary for a community of this size. As community fellowship and unity are key to the area, these parks play a huge role in maintaining a family environment for the River Road Community.

Parks and Locations

Arrowhead Park– Irvington Dr. and Arrowhead
Awbrey Park– North of Spring Creek Dr. on River Rd.
Bramblewood Park– 1208 Bramblewood Ln.
Ferndale Park– 360 Ferndale Dr.
Filbert Meadows Park– Hyacinth St. and Naismith Blvd.
Lone Oak Park– Ross Ln. and Lone Oak Ave.
Rasor Park– End of Rasor Ave.
Rosetta Park– Rosetta Ave. and Evergreen Dr.
Ruby Park– Intersection of Ruby Ave. and Lenore Dr.
Terra Linda Park– Terra Linda Ave. and Kendra St.
Walnut Grove Park– West off Nantucket Ave.
Wendover Park– Wendover St.

Parks Not listed that are also accessible and known to the many who are local to the River Road area are: Maurie Jacobs Park, Hilman Landing State Park, and Emerald Park.-DK

The River Road neighborhood is home to multiple elementary, middle, and high schools. Because River Road is such a residential area, there are many family will children in school. Below are the schools and their locations in the neighborhood:

North Eugene High School

200 Silver Ln. Eugene, OR 97404

Colin Kelly Middle School

850 Howard Ave. Eugene, or

Howard Elementary

700 Howard ave. Eugene, or 97404

Da Vinci Alternative School

850 Howard Ave. Eugene, OR 97404

Madison Middle School

875 Wilkes Drive, Eugene, OR 97404

Corridor Alternative Elementary

250 Silver Lane  Eugene, OR 97404

River Road Elementary School

120 West Hilliard Lane  Eugene, OR 97404

Little Rascals Child Care

405 Kourt Drive

Eugene, OR 97404

Busybees Preschool

255 Maxwell Rd. Eugene, OR 97404

Yujin Gakuen Elementary School

Japanese Immersion Elementary School

-250 Silver Lane

Eugene, OR 97404

Street Ministry

Street Ministry is a non-profit organization that was established in 1996 founded by Bob and Janice Swan. Street Ministry is “A Refuge for the Poor to Become Rich in Christ.” It is an organization that seeks to serve the homeless and less fortunate by providing food, clothes, coffee, and shelter while sharing the word of God. Street Ministry helps about 200 people each month, working with FOOD for Lane County and donations to acquire food for the organization. On Thursday nights, Street Ministry hosts a musical worship night. While the homeless people are gathered together, the founders ask if anyone has prayer requests. They hope to expand to be completely self sufficient and open 24/7. Street Ministry also seeks to get those in need into rehab. Their ultimate goal is to get people offthe streets and get their life together with the help of God.

240 Irvington Drive   Eugene, Oregon 97404
MANNA Feeding Site: 252 Lawrence Street, Eugene


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