Churchill Landing Page


McCornack Elementary School
1968 Brittany St. Eugene, OR 97405; Phone: (541)790-5800; Fax: (541)790-5805

McCornack Elementary is a public establishment located in the Churchill neighborhood of Eugene, OR. With almost 400 students (as of 2011), the school teaches grades from kindergarten to fifth grade. In addition to academia, students are taught physical education, music, and art. The school also offers a wide range of out-of-class programs such as choir, intramurals, chess, technology club, unicycle club, and more. -Nico Lim

Kennedy Middle School
2200 Bailey Hill Rd. Eugene, OR 97405; Phone: (541)790-5500; Fax: (541)790-5505

Teaching grades 6-8, Kennedy Middle School was named after the 35th president and is located down the street near Churchill High School. Sporting their school colors, red and black, they teach around 500 students  with a teacher to student ratio of 21 to 1. It received an “Outstanding” on its 2011 State Report Card and offers a variety of programs such as band, orchestra, leadership, yearbook, catering class, and more. Their mission statement strives to improve its school’s reading and math scores, as well as provide a safe environment to prepare students for the world. -Nico Lim

Churchill High School
1850 Bailey Hill Rd. Eugene, OR 97405; Phone(541)790-5100; Fax(541)790-5110

Located off of 18th Ave just past Bailey Hill Rd. going west, Churchill High School is one of the eight public high schools in Eugene. Churchill High School and its neighbor, the alternative high school Ed Options West, are the only public high school in the Churchill neighborhood. Approximately 2100 students attend the Churchill High. The school is notable for its strong art, athletic and special needs programs, as well as its selection of both International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement Course Options. For more information contact the school secretary Julia Johnson at

– Zach Shivers

Wellsprings Friends School  3590 W. 18th Ave. Eugene, OR 97402; Phone (541) 686-1223


Koho Bistro. Sea Food and American Food.  2101 Bailey Hill Road. 541-684-8888


Churchill Sports Park located off of Bailey Hill Rd. and W. 18th Ave. (behind Churchill High School)

Acorn Park located off of W. 15th Ave. in between Buck and Acorn Streets

Willow Corner Park located on the Southwest corner of Bertelsen and W. 18th Ave.

On the corner of Bertelsen and W 18th Ave. sits seven acres of natural habitat in Churchill. The park sits across the street from a neighborhood and the other side borders an old computer-chip plant. Churchill offers a variety of sports complexes for people in Eugene but also provides a place for wildlife and native plants and animals. The park is a nice getaway for Churchill residents and is protected by the city to keep its natural setting.

-Chloe Longfellow

Skyview Park located off of Skyview Ln. (minutes from Bailey Hill Rd.)

Berkeley Park located off of W. 14th Ave. and Wilson Ct. (just blocks from City View St.)

Melvin Miller Park located off of W. 25th Ave. off of Hawkins Ln.

Hawkins Heights Park  located off of Hawkins Heights and Highland Oaks Rd. (near Melvin Miller Park)

Videra Park  located off of W. 29th Ave. and Blacktail Dr. (in the South Churchill neighborhood)



Valley Covenant Church (A part of the Evangelical Convent Church) 3636 W. 18th Ave. Eugene, OR 97402; Phone (541) 345-0055

Eugene Friends Church  (An Evangelical Quaker Fellowship) 3495 W. 18th Ave. Eugene, OR 97402; Phone (541) 484-9998

Eugene Mennonite Church (Half Anabaptists and half from various other faith traditions)3590 W. 18th Ave. Eugene, OR 97402; Phone (541) 343-9548

The Eugene Mennonite Church describes themselves as a small congregation mixed with Anabaptist members and people from various other faiths. The church also operates the The Wellsprings Friends School (listed in our Churchill schools section). The Wellsprings Friends School is located on the church’s property and is an alternative school for teenage students in need of more individualized instruction than provided by traditional public schools. Similar to the church, the school is relatively small, with an enrollment of about 60 students. Nalu Quitzow, 15, described Wellsprings and the Mennonite church as a, “tight-knit community.” For more information on the church and/or school click on the links.  – Tenley Kokich

Living Hope Church (Free Methodist) 2801 W. 18th Ave. Eugene, OR 97402; Phone (541) 683-3713

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Morman) 3500 W. 18th Ave. Eugene, OR 97402; Phone (541) 345-2813



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