All aboard for Trainsong

Much of the Trainsong Neighborhood’s industry is targeted towards commercial buyers, but everyday consumers can enjoy the services of several restaurants, stores, and organizations that Trainsong houses.


Embers Supper Club has been an established restaurant for over 4o years, promising from-scratch home cooking, full portions, and friendly and prompt service. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day and also serves up some fun with live music and karaoke throughout the week. Its atmosphere is described as “welcoming like your favorite tee-shirt.” Follow the regulars’ lead and visit Embers to enjoy food and music and maybe make some friends. From Downtown Eugene, head north on Highway 99 and you’ll see Embers on the right at 1811 Highway 99 North, just past Bethel Drive. -DP

 Chocolate Decadence is a local chocolate store that opened in 1996 by Sam Melner, a self-proclaimed chocoholic whose passion allowed him to operate in his tiny kitchen for 13 years. Although Melner has passed on, Chocolate Decadence prides itself on having loyal customers throughout the U.S. and Canada. The factory makes many variations of chocolates, including letters, large Easter bunnies, as well as any appropriate character for every major holiday. Chocolate Decadence is especially well known for including dairy-free chocolates. As customer Sue Byer says, “Being a ‘chocoholic’ I was devastated when my doctor told me I was allergic to milk products, and to stay away from chocolate because it contains milk. Now that I have found Chocolate Decadence, I can indulge myself again!” Both vegans and non-vegans alike can enjoy chocolate from Eugene’s sweet shop. -SS

Sweet treats at Chocolate Decadence


Trainsong Park is located at the end of Edison Street off Bethel Drive. It is open from sun up until sun down year round. The park contains a playground for younger children, and a small skate park and basketball court for the older children in the neighborhood. In a newer addition to the park, walkways were added and weave around the different structures, a ball field was put in, and a storage shed installed to store recreational equipment. The skate park and playground are smaller than those found in other parks across Eugene, leaving the park for its intended neighborhood use. -HS

Trainsong Park


The St. Vincent De Paul Service Station, located on Hwy. 99, provides assistance to the homeless of Eugene. The Service Station helps the homeless meet their basic needs of food, shelter, clothing, laundry, and showers. The warm and welcoming community at the Service Station represents a safe-haven for those struggling on the streets. The telephones, message services, computer access, and housing services offered at the Service Station helps those looking to get back on their feet. St. Vincent De Paul also works in partnership with Pro-Bone-O to provide free veterinary services twice a month. The Service Station served 3,200 adults last year. -KS

The American Red Cross office in Trainsong

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