JWN Landing Page

Jefferson Westside may have a lot of beautiful homes but the neighborhood is anything but just residential. Shops, resturants, medical offices and churches line the streets of this neighborhood.

Auto Repair & Service:
Autohaus German Auto Service (Located at 1502 W. 7th Ave.,  Phone Number: 541-683-5050)
Sandpiper Import Service (Located at 1301 Lincoln St., Phone Number: 541-343-9427)

The Sweet Life Patisserie (Located at 755 Monroe St., Phone Number: 541-683-5676)

Bicycles & Motorscooters:
Wheelworks (Located at 407 W. 11th Ave., Phone Number: 541-431-7300)

Cascade Candle Company (Located at 1670B W. 11th Ave., Phone Number: 541-461-9861)

Car Wash:
Elite Car Wash (Located at 1713 W. 8th Ave., Phone Number: 541-868-0051)

Strom Chiropractic Clinic (Located at 1413 Charnelton St., Phone Number: 541-344-8441)

Infinity Mercantile (Located 780 Blair Blvd., Phone Number: 541-324-1942)

Day Care:
Security First Child Development Center
(Located 1295 W. 18th Ave, Phone Number: 541-345-5287)
New Dream Child Care Center (Located 1295 West 18th Ave. Phone Number: 541-646-7021)

Fitness and Exercise:
Eugene Jazzercise Center (Located upstairs 825 Monroe St., Phone Number: 541-344-2700)

Flower & gift shops:
Cardaé Flowers & Gifts
(Located 403 W. 11th Ave., Phone Number: 541-484-6161)

Grocery stores and markets:

Alberston’s, (Located 1675 W. 18th Ave., Phone Number: 541-485-7027)
(Located 295 W. 17th Ave, Phone Number: 541-485-2300)

New Frontier Market (Located 1101 W. 8th Ave., Phone Number: 541-345-7401)

Laundry & dry cleaners:
Coin-o-matic Laundromat (Located 1610 W. 11th Ave., Phone Number: 541-342-7482)

Jim Madras, LMT (Massage Therapy, Tai Chi, Qigong)
665 E. 11th Ave, 541-579 -6663
Soaring Spirit Massage (Adeena Sarah, MSW LMT), 1245 W. 16th Ave., #4 541-686-2822, SoaringSpiritMasage@gmail.com

Medical Supplies:
King Medical Supply, 431 W. 13th Ave., 541-345-0931 

Lane County Historical Museum
740 W. 13th Ave, 541- 682-4242

Museum Consultants:
Alice Parman, Ph.D., Museum Consulting & Organizational Coach
, 836 Taylor St., 541-342-3464

Music Stores:
Pacific Winds
, Corner of W. 8th Ave. & Monroe St., 541-343-5660

Fremouw Photography & Design
, 541-344-3389

Realty and Property Management:
Summit Realty and Property Management, 433 West 10th Ave., 541-686-3571

Ring of Fire
, 1099 Chambers St., 344-6475
Nib — A Modern Eatery
, 769 Monroe St., 485-1269

Service station:
, 1695 W. 18th Ave., 485-2435

Tax consultants:
T for Taxes
, 317 W. 13th Ave., 342-1040
Tom Dobscha & Associates, P.C.
, 1670 W. 11th Ave, Suite C, 688-5275

Telephone Systems, Business:
Smeed Communication Sercices
, 790 W. 8th Ave., 686-1654

Mike’s Woodworks
, 1614 W. 11th Ave., 342-7482

Web site design & development:
Dive In Design
, 329 W. 13th Ave., 868-1254


Eugene Evangelical Church
834 Monroe Street
Eugene, OR 97402
(541) 345-2327

Eugene Faith Center
1410 West 13th Avenue
Eugene, OR 97402
(541) 686-9244

Faith Baptist Church
1185 West 10th Avenue
Eugene, OR 97402-4703
(541) 485-4871

First Church of the Nazarene
Madison Street
Eugene, OR 97402
(541) 484-1814

First United Methodist Church
1376 Olive Street
Eugene, OR 97401-3939
(541) 345-8764

Jehovah’s Witnesses
1748 Polk Street
Eugene, OR 97402-3818
(541) 343-9716

Lane County Youth For Christ / Campus Life
1190 West 7th Avenue
Eugene, OR 97402
(541) 686-9225

Lighthouse International Church
1790 Charnelton Street
Eugene, OR 97401-3848
(541) 485-5244

Seventh Day Adventist Church
1275 Polk Street
Eugene, OR 97402-3959
(541) 683-4169

Jefferson Westside Neighborhood Tree Program:

The Jefferson Westside Neighborhood recently began a new Tree Program within the neighborhood.  The main goals of this project are to improve Eugene’s urban forest through reduction of tree loss, planting of new trees, and community involvement. Members are working on establishing funds to support the program and gain community support. The co-heads of the Jefferson Westside Tree Program are Stephen Heider (JWN Vice chair) and John Kilne (a founder of
the Eugene Tree Foundation and JWN resident). The program holds events on Saturdays. For a full calendar of events visit friendsoftrees.org/calendar/eugene.
To contact to JWN Tree Program email trees@jwneugene.org. (By Sarah Rough)

Summer of Solutions:

This summer, volunteer groups from the Summer of Solutions  program will be going door to door in the Jefferson Westside Neighborhood to see what the residents would like to see for environmental and social change. The Summer of Solutions is a community service program that teams up community members and youth volunteers to enact their vision of a more sustainable environment. After the initial listening project, the team will work with the community to create pilot projects to launch beginning June 28th. 

Take the Summer of Solutions in JWN survey

Contact: Tessa Barker, 503-480-9278

tessaangelica@gmail.com (by Eliza Collins)

Lane County Historical Socity and Museum:

The overall view of Lane County Historical Society and Museum from the West 13th Avenue.

Lane County Historical Socity and Museum is located at the Lane County Fairgrounds, on West 13th Avenue, between Monroe and Jefferson streets. Lane County Historical Society and Museum is a non-profit organization services, and the only county-wide historical museum in Lane County, which holds historical collections from Lane County. The artifacts and library materials the Lane County Historical Society and Museum preserved improve the illustration of the history of Lane County. The theme that Lane County Historical Society and Museum focuses on include Oregon Trail, Town and Gown, Timber Country, USA, The 1960s and Beyond, and Tracktown USA. The museum offers tour, outreach programs, historic craft demonstrations, slide presentations and research assistance. It’s open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. It offers free parking, handicapped access, shopping and food. For future information, contact the museum office at 541-682-4242.

Now the Lane County Historical Society and Museum is seeking a new home. Please help to evaluate a potential new museum location via the following link: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/KJHNVYD (by Haoyi Lu)

Kaufman House:

The historic Kaufman house on the corner of 10th Avenue and Jefferson Street in the Jefferson Westside neighborhood is currently under siege by the city of Eugene.  This 103-year-old building has been used as a senior center for the past few years, and now the city wants to sell it to a private party. The neighborhood of Jefferson Westside, however, wants to keep this house as a historical landmark of the city of Eugene, and is fearful that they would lose a piece of history if it was sold to someone else. For more information, contact the Jefferson Westside neighborhood or read the article about the house.

Help to keep the pieces of the early days of Eugene sacred by supporting your neighborhood council. For more information on the meetings for the Jefferson Westside neighborhood council or to get involved, click here. (By Graham Sprague)

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