The Amazon: A Place for Students and Families Alike

The Amazon neighborhood has long been a place that caters to University of Oregon students and a multitude of families and single individuals. It’s open spaces, public swimming pool, and expansive dog park offer the community an area to come enjoy the sunshine when it appears, and a place somewhat detached from the neighborhoods that surround it.


Everyone seems to be out in the park during a sunny afternoon: skateboarders, young children on the play structure, people running their dogs and biking along the paths… yeah, Amazon park is filled with these Eugene residents, just trying to get outside.


Though some live close to the more open areas near the northern side, it seems that the surrounding roads and bike paths facilitate easy access to the open center of the neighborhood. Kelly Collins, an 11-year resident, commented on the “nice play structure” which he said, “ is easy to get to without crossing the street.” He went on to say that he is “looking forward to the pool opening up,” which is scheduled to do so sometime around late May or early July.


Other, younger residents, are similarly pleased with the open spaces and continuous bike paths: Kiel Berg, a University of Oregon student, commented on the small skate park located in the area, of which he said he frequents “four or five times a week.” His only negative comment is one concerning the quality of the sidewalks and skate park, which he said “needs to be repaved so badly.” 


The dog park, a large and muddy space taking up a few hundred yards, is also one of the main attractions of the area. Tim Vignos, a fairly new resident, commented on the location of his house in relation to the surrounding area, which he said “is the right distance to the basics,” and close to business such as Sundance Market, his veterinarian, and, of course, the dog park. Similar to Berg’s remark on the bike paths and skate park, Vignos commented that he wished the Amazon running trail was taken more care of, due to it “turning to mush” after it rains.


Even though Eugene residents flock to the Amazon area for multiple reasons, it seems that everyone is able to enjoy the space in their own way. The only shared concern, one that was stated by Vignos, is the waiting for “more sun, less rain.”





Senior at U of O. Journalism major.
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    Very informative, Brad

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