River Road appreciates surrounding community

The River Road area is a tight knit community, surrounded by a variety of churches and a multitude of restaurants. However, one of the biggest complaints within the area is the lack of entertainment and options for the youth. Yet, the residents still enjoy the hearty atmosphere amongst one another.

Katie Brushett is a local to the River Road community, working at the North Eugene High School as the cheerleading coach and a front desk secretary. “It’s kind of like a small community inside Eugene, but some parts of town are a little nicer than others.” Katie enjoys bringing her husband and child to the local Emerald Park to bond with the surrounding locals, walk along the river and enjoy the outdoors.


Katie Brushett rocking her three-month old child behind the secretary counter.

Sophomore Courtney Carman appreciates her surrounding community and the people as well. “I like to run along the main bike path and within the neighborhood on the weekends because there isn’t much else to do.” It is difficult for the younger crowd to find entertainment due to the lack of options for their age group. Courtney noted how majority of the students go to the local fast food chains and the park on the weekends, wishing there was more for her to do.

Local donut shop owner, Horn Sov has lived in the community for 18 years. He discussed the convenience of the downtown area in regards to the location of local businesses. “I like this area because the bank, the supermarket and other entities that I need are all here.” As gas prices increase, it is convenient that Horn lives close to his donut shop. One of his biggest complains was the traffic congestion between three and five. Once the students end school for the day, they immediately head over to Cal’s donuts to bond with friends and indulge in one of Horn’s notorious donuts.


Horn Sov enjoys his daily donut right when he opens his shop.

Donna Parker works at Countryside Pizza and Grill, claiming that mostly families stop in at her restaurant. “We have a lot of people with drug problems in regards to the Eugene Mission. Sometimes it can be an issue, but we try to keep it clean.” Besides the issues of crime and drugs within the area, Donna explains how the community is strong and passionate about the involvement and success within the district.


Countryside Pizza and Grill is located in the heart of River Road on the corner of Knoop Ln.

People appreciate how housing within the community is much cheaper and more reasonable compared to other surrounding neighborhoods, drawing in more tenants to live in the River Road district. The overall culture and dynamics of the residents prove to be extremely friendly and kind, as the people are very close with one another.

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