On the Streets with Friendly Neighbors

The Friendly Neighborhood is filled with cozy homes, bike lanes and local stores that cater to the small community, which has led to people from all over Eugene coming to Friendly to enjoy the many parks, quiet neighborhoods and nice people.  “Friendly has pretty much anything you could want,” said Chris Ruppert, a student at Lane Community College and father of 2 boys. “My sons love to play basketball and skate at the parks, [and] I can get away from hectic city life and hear nature.”

Residents have few, if any, complaints about the neighborhood, as Nicki Collins made clear with her only desire of, “less mud.”  Her father, Nick Collins, thinks the Friendly Neighborhood is, “beautiful… a real nice community [and] I would love to move here.” 

Tasha Forrester, a local student and resident loves the emphasis on keeping nature accesible and important.  She believes the neighborhood has done a good job taking care of the local wildlife and residents but wished for, “more parks [and] more places for young people.”  

The Friendly neighborhood has a legacy of civic pride and industriousness, as the area was home to Columbia College, the “first school of higher learning in Lane County” as well as an early hospital, airstrip and stadium.  These days the area is filled with homes, parks and local businesses, but the neighborhood continues to shine with an abundance of residents who strive to keep their home “Friendly.”

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