Not Much To Change In The Friendly Neighborhood

The many parks and recreational areas of the Friendly Neighborhood provides both locals and visitors with a comfortable, social environment to enjoy a beautiful sunny day.

Friendly Area neighborhood is centered around Friendly Street in the heart of Eugene Oregon.  This area has many schools, city parks, and local businesses that give this small chunk of Eugene a large sense of community.  Many of the residents here are families with young children who are attending the local neighborhood schools that have been said to be some of the best in the city.

Friendly Park In Eugene Oregon

“I love it here.  It’s beautiful.” Says Myrtle Creek resident Nick Collins.  “It’s a real nice community and I wouldn’t mind living here.”

Nick Collins is not the only visitor to come from outside the neighborhood to spend an afternoon here.  Many of Friendly Neighborhoods parks are used as getaways for students and workers who spend their days in the busier parts of Eugene.

“This area has pretty much everything to get away from the hectic-ness of life.  It’s nice to have clean air and the vehicles aren’t taking over all the sounds,” said LCC student Chris Ruppert.

Along with the abundant nature, the Friendly Neighborhood offers both walking and biking paths. The neighborhood has several playgrounds for smaller toddlers and swings for the older children. Also for those more interested in extreme activities, two of Friendly’s parks have skate parks that welcome skateboards, rollerblades, and BMX bikers off all different skill levels.  Joseph Squadrito was riding his bike to the store when he came across one of the small skate parks in the neighborhood.

“I’m pretty new here, it’s like my first day.  It’s green, broad, and there are pretty trees,” said Squadrito. “I was riding to the store and saw this bowl, thought I’d come rip it up a little bit.”

Many of the locals seem to love their neighborhood and have minimal complaints with how things are done.  Daniel Walling has lived here for his whole life and would only like to see one thing changed.

“Bike accessibility on South Williammette is an issue,” said Walling.

With only one complaint for the area, it seems that things in the Friendly Neighborhood are quite well.  The people appear to be happy and there is a passion for being outside. In a city that is constantly evolving, it’s very nice to see a Friendly Neighborhood that will be fine just the way it is.

About Charlie Kaufman

My name is Charlie Kaufman and I am a journalism student at the University of Oregon. I hope to focus on investigative journalism with an emphasis on sports. In the future I would like to be working with ESPN or CBS sports making sports documentary pieces that go into the lives of athletes rather than just focus on what they can do with their athletic ability. I also really enjoy science and informative documentary, where an individual can watch an hour or so film and get a full understanding of a new subject.
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