Downtown Eugene Maintains Accessibility

by Lorin Nelson

The downtown area in Eugene provides easy access to restaurants, hotels, venues, and entertainment to residents and visitors of the city. Located in the heart of Eugene, all of the attractions included in downtown are in walking distance of each other.

“There’s always something to do and it’s in walking distance.” Said Josh Goldfarb,“Lots of good entertainment.” Goldfarb is an employee of the David Minor Theater on 5th St. in downtown Eugene. The David Minor Theater is among the premier “old fashioned” style entertainment that downtown Eugene has to offer. The theater shows movies 7 nights a week and is located across the street from the 5th Street Public Market. Goldfarb said Eugene has, “Quality food, quality entertainment, quality local beer”. Goldfarb explained how Eugene does a job on public transportation, however he would like to see innovative ideas such as a trolly in the downtown area to make it even more accessible and attract guests to the city.

“I really like that everything is very close and I can walk everywhere if I need too.” Ruth Murphy said. Murphy is a resident of the downtown Eugene area and she also works at the Downtown Athletic Club as a supervisor. Murphy said, “I’ve got everything within a couple blocks of me so that’s one of my favorite things about downtown.” Murphy is a student at the University of Oregon. “Nicely located, a mile away from school,” Murphy said about downtown. “I’m right on a bus line so getting everywhere is really easy and it’s a great central location.” Murphy said. Murphy explained how walking from home, to work, and to school was an option for her because of the close vicinity, however, she also described some downfalls to the downtown Eugene area. “There’s a really really large homeless drug problem downtown.” Murphy said. Murphy explained how it was not safe to walk alone at night downtown and the high volume of homeless people also added to pollution in the area.

The accessibility in downtown Eugene is maintained by close vicinity of its many restaurants and shops. Entertainment from the Hult Center performances to the David Minor Theater are within walking distance of each other. The 5th Street Public Market is a few blocks away from the Hult Center and the theater and has many different dining options. The Downtown Athletic Club along with many other downtown attractions can be accessed by bus or on foot within a quick 10-15 minutes.

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