Citizens’ Take on River Road

Those who live in the River Road neighborhood of Eugene, Oregon, appreciate the affordable housing and the close vicinity of stores and services, but wish that there were less traffic and more option of things to do in the area. Local community members share compliments and complaints about their neighborhood.

            Horn Sov, also known as Cal, is the owner of Cal’s Donuts, a 10-year-old donut shop located at the intersection of River Rd. and River Ave. Cal’s Donuts is a popular spot for community members to relax with a donut and a cup of coffee Sov Said, “I like this area because the bank, the supermarket, and all of the stuff that I need is right here, so I don’t have to drive very far…it only takes me two minutes to come to work.” With gas prices steadily rising, it’s a good thing the River Road community provides all the necessary stores and services in a close range. He also added that housing is cheaper in the River Road neighborhood than in Eugene. Sov’s one complaint was that between 3 and 5 pm, the River Road area gets very congested.


Horn Sov: Owner of Cal's Donuts

            Donna Parker, an employee at Countryside Pizza and Grill has lived in the River Road area for 18 years and enjoys the close-knit feel of the community. In terms of the customers at the restaurant, Donna said, “We try and get mainly families but we do have a lot of people with drug problems with the Eugene Mission right down there. Sometimes it can be an issue, it can be pretty tough, but we try and keep it clean.”


Countryside Bar and Grill


            Katie Brushett, a new mother to her 3-month-old daughter is a cheerleading coach and office secretary at North Eugene High School. She said, “There are some neighborhoods that are a little trashier out here. It’s a little hit and miss,” Katie continued, “It’s kind of like a small community inside of Eugene.” Aside from some of the rough neighborhoods, she feels that she lives in a family-friendly area that she can raise her kids. The river is only a walk away and there are plenty of parks for her to take her daughter or go for a run. Like Cal, Katie appreciates the affordability of housing in the area.


Katie Brushett and her 3-month-old baby

            Apart from the traffic and some rough crowds, River Road appears to be a close knit community with friendly people and a supportive community.

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