Churchill’s Diversity Brings Them Together

Members of the Churchill community made it evident that diversity is an aspect that sets them apart from other areas in Eugene. Not only is the community a place of residence for many races and classes but also exhibits distinct landscapes.

Three firemen at Station 10 in the Churchill community all agreed on one thing that makes Churchill unique- the diversity within the area. “One minute we’ll be answering a call at a 6,000 square foot home and the next we’ll be helping a homeless person on the street.” Said Derek Grafton, who has been one of the fire captains at Station 10 for a little over a year. The firemen at the station see a wide range of variety in the calls that they receive as well as the areas they get to visit working in Churchill. Tim Zerr, who has been with Station 10 for five years said, “Each station is known for something different. We have everything. There is always potential for a wide range of calls.”

The firemen get to interact with people in the community for work-related reasons but also have learned the area when just out and about. “It has a lot to offer. Big houses in the South hills, retail areas, recreational areas and even recreational areas.” Said Grafton. As far as being a tight knit community they said that is where the diversity gets in the way.


Firemen Matt Vickeroy, Tim Zerr and Derek Grafton at Station 10.


Across the street from Station 10 sits DS Market and Deli, where many people make their usual convenience store stop. Jason Crane, the manager of the market, recognizes most people that come in and witnesses a lot of interactions between people. “There are almost cliques, categorized into groups.” Crane said about the people of Churchill. “Different ethnicities, jocks, stoners, preps, skaters, a few rappers even.”

With that said, Crane also sees the crime and drug use in Churchill. “There are some gang members from California. But they only beef with each other. The other day I saw two gang members help an old lady to her car,” he said. He also talked about the wealthy people in the South hills in comparison to the people that walk to the store because they can’t afford to drive.

The diversity in the community doesn’t seem to be a problem, but rather a good thing as Crane sees it- “I see a lot of groups, but they all say hi to each other. There is a lot of heart out there.”

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