Churchill expands, while maintaining close-knit community

Churchill is considered one of the smaller neighborhoods in the city of Eugene but it is an area many are happy to call home. The Churchill neighborhood continues to expand, but in spite of population growth, it has maintained a close-knit sense of community that residents enjoy.

Ian Bray graduated from Churchill High School 20 years ago and has recently moved back to the neighborhood after living in various other parts of Eugene. The community feel is what Bray says brought him back to Churchill. “It’s grown so much; 20 years ago it was nothing like this. It’s gotten a lot more diverse, but it’s still a neighborhood. People still say hi,” Bray said. To enhance the neighborly vibe, Bray said he would love to see a locally owned grocery store return to Bailey Hill Rd.

Here, residents have found a sense of belonging beyond the homes they live in. There is an allegiance to the neighborhood schools as well.

15-year-old Nalu Quitzow said he's glad he moved to the Churchill neighborhood where he attends the Wellsprings Friends School.

Nalu Quitzow, 15-year-old California transplant, credits the Wellsprings Friends School on W. 18th St., for helping him to cope with the recent loss of his mother. Wellsprings Friends School is an alternative program with an estimated enrollment of 60, that welcomes kids with special needs or who have had trouble at other schools. When describing Wellsprings Quitzow said, “It’s a tight-knit community, they’re there for you and try to form to your needs.”

The numerous parks located in the area are a popular aspect of the Churchill community. Yuricza Carreon, a young mother, walking the track at Churchill High School with a friend and 2 children, said what she likes most about the neighborhood are the many parks within close proximity of her home. Ian Bray also enjoys having a variety of places he can take his dog Rufus. According to Bray, one of the most popular parks in the neighborhood is Acorn Park, located off W. 15th, between Buck and Quaker streets.

Churchill High alum, Ian Bray said, "West Eugene is def one of my favorites."

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