Amazon Neighborhood Residents Believe Amazon Park Has The Perfect Location

The Amazon neighborhood of Eugene, Oregon, provides a family friendly community environment for many singles, couples, families and college students.  Many people from Amazon enjoy the popular Amazon Park, but would like for it to be better maintained.

In Amazon Park’s popularity comes from the visitors of the skate park, dog park, running trails, and playground. Amazon Park attracts local residents and those from the surrounding area of Eugene because of the close proximity to the other neighborhoods, grocery stores and coffee shops.

Long-time resident Kelly Collins has lived in the Amazon neighborhood for 11 years and

Playground at Amazon Park

brings his three young daughters to play at the park during the nice weather. Collins moved to the neighborhood for the proximity to the places he visits the most and the fact that the house he wanted was located in Amazon, but he has stayed here because the area is kid-friendly. The daughters enjoy the playground but Collins and his daughters are anticipating the Amazon Community Center pool opening at the end of May.

At the basketball courts, University of Oregon students Kiel Berg and Dylan Dornfeld, both 19, visit the park four to five times a week regularly.  Berg and Dornfeld enjoy visiting the

Amazon Skate Park

skate park and the basketball courts, but wish that the campus area extended further south of campus and that more students would utilize the parks facilities.  They only saw minor improvements that could be made to Amazon Park. The walkways need better lighting at night and the skate park needs to be repaved. “I would repave that myself,” said Berg about the necessity of smoothing the cobblestone concrete by the skate park. “If you fall on this, it’s going to tear you up,” said Berg.

Tim Vignos visits the dog park one to three times a week with his three dogs. Amazon is the closes dog park to him, but he enjoys the location and the environment. Vignos often

Amazon Dog Park

shops at Sundance and his veterinarian is nearby, so the location of the park fits perfectly into his lifestyle. He only wants the flooding in the dog park and on the running trails to be maintained better. Vignos is a member of GEARS bike club that meets once a month for a general meeting and also frequently goes on 30 to 40 mile bike rides around Eugene.

Vignos’ favorite local place, Hideaway Bakery, is located outside of the Amazon neighborhood. However, Tuesday nights Hideaway Bakery hosts Pizza Night for the family and anybody who wants to attend. It provides a venue for community gathering with pizza, salad, local beer and wine, a live band, and friendly service.

The Amazon neighborhood is full of people of all ages. “I don’t see a lot of seniors, so I’m guessing it students young families and then empty nesters like me,” said Vignos.

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