A closer look inside the “tight knit” community of River Road

The ever growing River Road has vastly expanded over the years; the heavy traffic between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. is proof to the popularity of the community. The affordable living and community atmosphere keep the River Road area growing and thriving. However, members of the community commented on the “trashier” neighborhoods and the efforts to “keep it clean”. As drugs and crime enter the community and pose concern to some, there is a trust in the community that stretches from one end of River Road to the other.

River Road has much to offer the member of its community. From the ease of shopping (grocery or gadgets), the multitude of restaurants, and the ability to get to surrounding communities in a reasonable quick manner (excluding being stuck in traffic, then what could be a ten minute drive turns into half an hour and on a real bad day an hour). Horn Sov Owner of Cal’s Donuts and a member of the river road community simply stated, “Between, three and five River Road is very congested. But I love the area.” Horn Sov will be celebrating ten years of ownership of Cal’s donuts this year. With work and home within a two minute drive, this community is perfect for him and his family. Sov said, “I like this area because the bank, the supermarket and all the stuff that I need is right here.”

Horn Sov, Owner of Cal's Donuts and Bagel Ave on River Road. This is Horn Sov inside Bagel Ave, a store which he opened just a few years back which is connected to his ten year establishment, Cal's Donuts.

Donna Parker another member and business owner of the River Road community said, “I like it, it’s like a small knit community.” Donna Parker owns the Countryside Pizza & Grill, and as an 18 year resident to the area, the troubles within the community do not go unnoticed. “We have a lot people with drug problems in regards to the Eugene mission. Sometimes it can be an issue, but we try and keep it clean.” The mission being one factor but also the ease of access to the community from the bike paths keeps the community working together. Donna explained how the success of the community is built off of strength, passion and community involvement.

The Countryside Pizza & Grill's primary clientele are families.

North Eugene High School, educates many of the teens in the area, while some can transfer districts most stay within the community. Sophomore Courtney Carman and member of the North Eugene track team has grown up in the area. While, the community lacks in teen activities, this local teen chooses to run for fun. River Road offers access to the bike paths so that the ability to get out and about is easily accomplished by young teens. Carman said. “I don’t like how long it is, and the sections are all way different because it is so long…but it feels like a different environment kind of.” Activities for teens are something that Courtney would like to see the community improve upon.

Katie Brushett, a secretary and cheerleading coach for North Eugene High, enjoys the River Road area. Her Husband, native to the Santa Clara area moved back to the community to start their family as River Road community members. Katie and her husband have a 3 ½ month old daughter. With the housing prices being low and the closeness to the outskirts of town the Brushett family calls River Road home. Katie said, “I like to go running…take our dog out to go play down by the river, which is nice because the river is within walking distance.” The community within a community is one of the aspects of River Road in which she and her family enjoy.

Katie Brushett with 3 1/2 month old daughter at North Eugene High

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