River Road offers varitey in every way

The River Road community is home to roughly 3,500 people that fill Cal’s Donut Shop every afternoon when school and work end for the day. The support of the local businesses is not uncommon in the area even though McDonald’s is still considered a frequent hang out place by local high school students.

This consistent business is what has kept Horn Sov’s business going strong for the past 18 years. Sov, who is known as Cal, enjoys the conveniences that the community allows. “I like this area because the bank, the supermarket and all the stuff that I need is right here.” With his business and home only a two minute drive apart, Sov recognizes the benefit that the district offers him in regards to saving money on gas. But additionally, his biggest complaint about the area also deals with transportation. “Between three and five River Road is very congested. But I love the area.” While the transportation is both the reason that Sov likes and dislikes the area, his business’s success in the current location is what will make the ten year celebration that much more exciting.

Horn Sov acknowledges the greater popularity of donuts in comparison to bagels.

Katie Brushett is a native to the River Road area. Her job working the front desk at North Eugene High School, as well as the cheer coach for the Highlanders, allows her to see the variety of people that have passed through the community. “There are some neighborhoods that are a little trashier out here. It’s a little hit and miss,” Brushett said. But while some of the neighborhoods might not be the where Brushett would prefer to live, she enjoys the “small community inside of Eugene.” Her young daughter and her enjoy the paths that lead down to the river, which allows for ample outdoor time running or watching the ducks.

Katie Brushett and her three-month old daughter.

The variety of restaurants that this community offers is expansive. Donna Parker, owner of Countryside Pizza & Grill, has been a resident of the area for 18 years. “I like it, it’s like a small knit community.” But like many other residents, she is not oblivious to some of the rougher groups of people that live in the area. “We have a lot people with drug problems in regards to the Eugene mission. Sometimes it can be an issue, but we try and keep it clean.”

The Countryside Pizza & Grill's primary clientele are families.

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