Friendly neighborhood lives up to its name

Friendly neighborhood has begun the process of repaving tattered roads, the only grievance in which residents of Friendly have noticed. Other than the roads, Friendly neighborhood residents view the markets, community spaces, and people as a unified group that support one another.

“It’s a very tight, well-knit, alternative [community],” said Lisa Davis, a sales clerk at Friendly Street Market. The Friendly Street Market has been serving residents of the neighborhood local, organic, and natural products and groceries for 30 years. One of the main reasons that Friendly neighborhood keeps their friendly reputation is because the community is very involved with the town and its level of success. “[The market] is so taken care of by the community that it goes through economic downturns okay, and people literally come in and say ‘are you guys doing okay?’” said Davis. “They make an effort to come and shop here just so we’re in business still.” She said that the community takes care of themselves and if there is ever something that needs to be fixed in the town, the community will fix it.  “Their already working on the roads and the roads are what need to be improved,” she said.

Lisa Davis works at the Friendly Street Market and she loves the market.

Friendly neighborhood is a family oriented place as well, with parks, water features, and a quietness that you would not get in the neighborhoods closer to the University of Oregon campus. “There’s lots of kids in the neighborhood,” said Alyssa Wagner, a Friendly neighborhood resident. “You don’t have any problems here; I think it’s pretty friendly.”

Alyssa Wagner sits with two kids at Friendly Park.

Gita Walling lives conveniently across the street of Friendly Park. “It’s nice for me, right by the park, I get pleasant noises in the day and it’s really quiet at night,” said Walling. She also said that her neighbors are very friendly.

Gita Walling and her son take a break from their yard work.

There is a water feature that was recently built at the Friendly Park by the community that many children enjoy playing in. The community also worked together to create a community garden on Van Buren three years ago in which community members can grow their own plants.

Though Friendly neighborhood was actually named after Sam Friendly, a 19th century mayor of Eugene, according to, the town has given its town name a literal meaning. “I think the name suits it actually, how silly does that sound but like, it does,” said Wagner.

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