Welcome to River Road!

While students tend to stay near the campus area, the thriving neighborhood of River Road lays only a few miles away. The district is located between Beltline Road and the Northwest Expressway, with the Union Pacific railroad bordering the West. This mostly residential neighborhood also offers one of Eugene’s local public high schools, North Eugene, as well as many local and nationally known restaurants, most notably Cal’s Donuts. Dotted among the numerous eateries along River Road, churches line the street on either side, many offering Spanish services, like River Road Baptist Church. The highlight of the River Road neighborhood, as mentioned by local high school students, is the Emerald Park and Community Center located on Lake Drive. This park offers swimming lessons, fitness center, skate park, and an enormous play structure. While the high school students may not be swinging from the monkey bars, it’s not uncommon to see young families flocking to the park for a fun filled family evening.

The local high school is the only one in the district, while rival high schools lay just beyond the border.

North Eugene High School: Home of the Highlanders

Cal's Donuts, Bagel Ave., and Terry's Diner are among the favorite local restaurants that students and families enjoy.

River Road Baptist Church, located at 1105 River Road, offers two services, many Sunday School classes and a Spanish service.

The outdoor pool, currently closed for the season, along with the indoor pool offer swimming lessons and open swim for people of all ages.

The playground offers slides, tic-tac-toe, fire polls, and monkey bars that can be frequently seen filled with young children.

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