The Great River Road

River Road District
River Road begins at the end of Chambers Bridge (South River Road) and stops just past Sovern Lane (North River Road), just before you enter outer Junction City. The River Road District is bordered by the Willamette River that runs east of River Road and the NW Expressway that borders the west side. River Road is mostly residential, but is filled with locally owned businesses, schools and parks. River Road is no stranger to me. I have frequently visited the parks the community when I lived in the district and even after moving across town as a lover of the nature that surrounds it.
Maurie Jacobs Park
This is Maurie Jacobs Park; it is located at the south end of River Road. There are major three parks located in the River Road Community; Maurie Jacobs Park, Emerald Park, and Awbrey Park. Hilman Park would be the fourth park that caters to the community but being located off the main road it has become run down and over grown. While, in the summer time this parks access to the river is what brings the community, but even then it is done so with caution with the illegal activities that many may happen upon as they venture into that park. Bramblewood and Arrowhead parks are also a part of the community parks yet they are not as popular as the rest.
Trick or Treat at Emerald Park
This is my niece and my friend’s daughter just this past Halloween at Emerald Park for the carnival that they hosted for the community children.

This is North Eugene High School where most of the teens in the community attend. While, the area is community oriented the community has little to offer the older youth of the community. The River Road area has one High School two elementary schools and two middle schools.

This is Terry’s Diner one of the locally owned businesses of River Road and a part of the Riviera Plaza. Along with this plaza are the Santa Clara Shopping Center and the Fred Meyers shopping Center. While, these shopping centers and this plaza are bring local shoppers to the area, the restaurants that fill this district are what make them so popular.

Welcome to the Great River Road District of Eugene! Stay tuned for district updates on local events and the upcoming City Elections. My group and I had the opportunity to sit in on a district election meeting. I am hoping to find a way to post the Video of the event as the election draws near.

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