Welcome to Jefferson Westside

Jefferson Westside is a neighborhood devoted to its neighbors. As a neighborhood given the first “Neighborhood of the Year” award in Eugene, and a top four finalist as the top neighborhood in the nation, they certainly could kick back and relax. Instead, they are always improving, and maintaining the things that make this community special.

The neighborhood meetings are held in this Methodist church on Olive St. just off of 13th. There are a number of churches in the area, all of which add to the general upkeep of the neighborhood. A prime example of that upkeep is shown in this local park, which is surrounded by residential homes. The slide and swing set also seem to make it popular with a younger crowd, and we saw a parent and child playing there.

While some of the houses in the area are pretty outrageous, it seems like the businesses in the area seem to blend in well enough. For instance, above the Cornucopia we passed on our stroll, we encountered a dog who was happily watching the world go by via an upstairs balcony. The owner told us that the dog knows not to bark, because if he does, “the party is over for him.” It also seems like the community likes to stay the way it is, with the former Lincoln School being converted into a condominium. All this, we discovered on our travels of the Jefferson Westside Neighborhood.

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