Welcome to Churchill

If you drive west on 18th street in Eugene you will eventually come across what is called Churchill. This community sits a few miles away from the University of Oregon campus but is worlds different. The desolate plaza across the street from Churchill High School gave our group an idea of what this area consists of. The streets are lined with random markets and neighborhoods that branch off from 18th and has an ending boundary of open fields.



An abandoned home on the boundary of Churchill.

The dull, gray weather that was overhead as we drove around Churchill seemed to match that of the setting in the surrounding neighborhoods. Unkept yards, abandoned buildings and houses were a common theme throughout the area.


Churchill High School

As our group drove by Churchill High School it was very quiet. The school does not look very updated and only a couple of students could be seen wandering outside.


Regular skateboarders at their usual hangout near the high school.



As we ventured our way toward the back of the high school campus at 2pm on a Tuesday we came across some sports fields and a skate park. The skate park consisted of young kids and also some who say they had skated there since 1999.


An old fun center that has yet to be renovated into something else.

The Churchill area looks as if it was once a place of popular residence and slowly got left in the dust of other areas in Eugene. Although, with shopping plazas in tact and several neighborhoods Churchill shows signs of potential.

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I am a senior at the University of Oregon and this blog is meant for my usage in my lovely journalism class, and much much more!
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