Touring Trainsong

Railroad tracks to the right, construction and chocolate companies to the left

I caught up with Haley at the 5th Street Market in downtown. She jumped in my car and we navigated in the rain and “rush hour” traffic through the Jefferson Westside Neighborhood, into the Whiteaker, and found train tracks.  We cruised down Roosevelt Avenue, which transformed the Eugene we knew into a beautiful industrial wasteland.

A junkyard in Trainsong

As we drove, we saw a few pedestrians and only a handful of cars. The sedentary trains  explain the quiet eeriness, as do the many warehouses of various businesses. Trainsong gives a combined sense of old and new: the junkyard only a few blocks away from the Oakshire Brewing distillery.

The Oakshire Brewing distillery in a discrete location

I’d imagine the distillery to be touristy, with an inviting entrance to sample beers. It seems to symbolize the entire neighborhood: withdrawn, modest, placid and even secretive. Trainsong is dictated by the railroads, thus it appears like an economically-sound gated community.

A resident's backyard in the Trainsong neighborhood

The railroad cuts right behind this backyard made for children (at right). Whether the parents decided it would teach their kids to respect industry and dangerous machines, or if they work in the railroad business and thought it best to expose their kids early, it makes me wonder about their childhood. What kid doesn’t love trains?

A Red Cross van in the parking lot

A surprise to this neighborhood was the appearance of the Red Cross.  Ironically, this healthcare building displayed the most lively appearance on our Tuesday evening adventure to Trainsong.

-Sara Sebastian

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