The Whiteaker – neighborhood watch.

My group was assigned the Whiteaker area which is by far my favorite neighborhood in Eugene, Ore. The reason The Whit is such a cool location is because of it’s history. It’s named after Oregon’s first Governor John Whiteaker. Unfortunately, I was not able to go to the group walk around but earlier this evening I decided to make an appearance at a local pub called Sam Bonds Garage. It’s a cute place that is located on Blair St. Every night they have something going on – for example, every Tuesday is a Bluegrass jam session. It’s so local that the guy who owns Eugene Jeans on 13th St. in-between Oak and Pearl plays every week. He’s a rad guy.

To make a long story shorter and might I add a not too thrilling story, I’ll get to the point. I am excited to have the Whiteaker as my neighborhood because it’s the one area of town that I feel, truly and deeply feel, that everyone and when I say everyone I really mean that, is accepted for who they are. Tonight, I saw walking around “The Whit” a variety of people from “bros” to hippies and yuppies from the Fairmount hood to the regular college student. The Whit attracks real people and a truthful sense of community, I am excited to see what else it has to offer.

Upcoming events at Sam Bonds Garage –

Every Tuesday – Bluegrass

Wednesday – Mood Area 52 – I cannot recall the price ($1 – 10)

Friday – Horse Feathers – $12

Sunday – Hot Milk ($1-5)

Also in the Whit –

New Frontier Market – supports local companies and organic products!

Occupy Eugene

Last Stand Coffee shop

Washington / Jefferson Park

Ninkasi Brew Pub

Red Barn Natural food

The Wandering Goat

The railroad tracks – good for dates, long walks, and street art.

Best part about the Whit is the Block Party in the summer. – More information to come

About Colette Levesque

Journalism / Film major. University of Oregon.
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