Surveying Jefferson Westside Neighborhood

The Jefferson Westside Neighborhood is located about nine blocks west of the University of Oregon campus.  We hopped on bus number 76 and within a few minutes we had reached our destination.

From Vespa to Schwinn, Wheelworks sells all different types of personal transportation.

The bus dropped us off in front of Wheelworks and Cardaé and after admiring some of the residential homes we walked up West 11th Avenue towards Charnelton Street then headed towards 13th Avenue.

Berg's was opened in 1940 as a Shell Station and in 1956 Berg's Nordic Ski shop opened alongside.

We passed by Berg’s Ski and Snowboard Shop and then switched directions to search for First United Methodist Church, where the Jefferson Westside Neighborhood Association meetings are held.

This home stood out among the others in the neighborhood because of its odd structure.

We learned that the dog in this picture is allowed to perch on the balcony and overlook the street until she barks.

Walking around the neighborhood we spotted quirky houses, a relaxed and well-behaved dog taking in the view from above Cornucopia, and family friendly parks and playgrounds.

The Lane County Historical Museum is a resource to community members to learn about The Oregon Trail, the history of the University of Oregon, Eugene history, and more.

We ended our tour at the Lane County Historical Society and Museum located across from the Lincoln School Condominiums and next to a LTD stop.

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