“Sara, Where Are We?”: Adventures in Trainsong

When I signed up for Trainsong neighborhood I had no idea where it was, what it was, or what I was getting myself into, so I was excited to brave the rain with Sara this afternoon and explore this part of Eugene. It took some exploring (and a few arguments with Siri) to find it, but we knew immediately when we had– Trainsong didn’t feel like any other part of Eugene I’ve been to before. My immediate reaction was that we had inadvertently stepped into a small-town industrial movie, not a neighborhood in a medium-sized city. We stuck to our car for this trip due to the rain, but the neighborhood was quiet throughout our visit. We saw a few cars and only one person while we were there. One side of the main road had run-down or boarded up houses and warehouses filled with food or construction businesses. The other side of the road had trains.

A train next to the main road in Trainsong.

Many of the houses in Trainsong are run-down or boarded up. Some had decorations in the front lawn, while others had old, dead cars.

One house we saw sat feet away from some train tracks. It was down a small ally-type gravel road surrounded by boarded up houses. This type of street seemed to be the norm in this neighborhood.

A sign for a chocolate business sits across from the trains on Trainsong's main road.

Oakshire Brewing is located in Trainsong neighborhood.

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