First Impressions of Trainsong


Some unique artwork at Trainsong Park

As Dillon and I searched for the Trainsong neighborhood on our trusted two wheelers we quickly realized we should have brought a map. The rather small, railroad filled area of Eugene proved rather difficult to find. Bordered by Hwy. 99 on the west, Southern Pacific rail lines on the south and east, and Barger Dr. to the north; Trainsong has a unique make up to say the least. Take Trainsong Park for example. A mecca for young children surrounded by houses and a railway full of enormous rail cars carrying giant logs.

The highlight of our first trip to Trainsong

As Dillon and I navigated our way through the streets of Trainsong I noticed the quizzical looks on the faces of residents as we passed. I got the impression that not many people visits the neighborhood unless they live there. To be honest we didn’t see much worth visiting anyways. We saw a lot of railroads, warehouses, and even some horses.

The rail yard that borders the Trainsong neighborhood


While we didn’t find much a first glance I know this neighborhood has plenty to report on. It might take a little bit of digging but that’s what makes reporting exciting and fun.




A sign seen throughout Trainsong

What Dillon and I saw most on our visit to Trainsong



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