First Day in the Whiteaker Neighborhood

The Ninkasi Brewing Company, located on Van Buren St. in the Whiteaker Neighborhood. Ninkasi is a very well-known brewing company throughout the Northwest.

The Whiteaker neighborhood is located northwest of downtown Eugene, and it is known for its anarchist and environmental activism. It is primarily a residential neighborhood. I drove from campus to Whiteaker for the first time today with one of my group members, and we saw a number of famous sites within Eugene, including the Ninkasi Brewing Company and Papa’s Soul Food Kitchen.

Papa's Soul Food Kitchen, located on Blair St. in the Whiteaker neighborhood. Papa's is known for its Southern style comfort food.

One of Whiteaker's Elementary Schools, located on Grand St.

A children's playground in Maurie Jacobs Park, located at the end of Grand St.

We also found one of Whiteaker’s Elementary Schools. It is located on Grand St. with a beautiful surrounding neighborhood. At the end of Grand St. is the Maurie Jacobs Park, which has a great view, overlooking the river.





Throughout the afternoon in the Whiteaker neighborhood we stumbled across everything from crazy colored cars, such as this van below, to houses decorated as if it was Halloween. It was a very fun first time in the neighborhood, and we are looking forward to going back.

I found a series of odd ball things in Whiteaker, including this "flower child" decorated van on West 4th St.

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