Exploring River Road

The River Rd. district of Eugene lies between Beltline Road, the NW Expressway, and the Willamette River in SW Eugene. In our first day exploring the area, we found that the area consists mostly of residential neighborhoods with some schools, parks, chain businesses, and churches throughout. We drove together at about 6:00 pm and reached our destination in about 10 minutes. It was a pretty cloudy day and we found that the neighborhood was a bit run-down.


Among many other churches in the neighborhood, River Road Baptist Church is a place for community members to practice religion and explore their faith.


Students at the local high school explained that there isn’t much to do for fun in the area, so they usually go downtown to find something to do

ImageEmerald Park is a popular spot nestled back from the busy traffic of River Road. With play structures, a pool, and picnic tables and benches, the park provides a nice sanctuary for young families and children.

ImageRiver Road residents getting outdoors to walk the dog

ImageLocal youth created this artistic mural at Emerald Park. Gang activity and child neglect and abuse seems to be a problem in the area, so children are being encourages to get involved in healthier activities.


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