Exploring Jefferson Westside Neighborhood

An interesting house spotted on 17th street

The Jefferson Westside Neighborhood begins on Chambers street and is easily accesible by taking the 76 bus from campus. The neighborhood is mainly residential, with each house showing off it’s own character. Jefferson Westside’s streets are tree lined and flowers, especially daffodils, cover many lawns.

A medical office operating out of an old home

The few businesses found in the neighborhood are either in converted homes or found in  clusters on the bigger streets such as 13th.

A remodeled house found in the residential area

Although most houses seem older, the neighborhood does boast a few modern gems like the angular we house found on Chambers street.

Cornucopia restaurant

Despite the neighborhood being mostly dedicated to homes, small pockets of businesses can be found throughout the area. Most of the businesses seem like mom and pop establishments. Albee’s New York Gyros  on Lawrence blasts music onto their front patio and the employee waves as we walk by, while a happy dog hangs over the balcony at Cornucopia.

Jefferson Park and the Lane Events Center

As we head away from the boundaries and deeper into the neighborhood we run into a huge grassy field which backs up to a school on one side and the Lane Events Center on the other.

Everything about the Jefferson Westside neighborhood seemed mellow and happy. The houses were all well kept and full of character, the businesses aren’t massive corporations, and the huge field and fairgrounds gave lots of room for play. We enjoyed our stroll through the neighborhood and look forward to going back to tell it’s story.

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