Exploring Downtown Eugene

The parameters of Downtown Eugene that our group was assigned are basically the boundaries of the no longer existing DowntownCommission, as well as Whiteaker Community Council and the West University Neighborhood. It largely consists of restaurants and businesses, and it also includes the Eugene Amtrak Station.



The Hult Center for the Preforming Arts, located on Willamette St., is home to six different companies, all of which are related to music.

Our first stop was the Hult Center, which is a preforming arts facility that opened in 1982. It consists of the Silva Concert Hall, the Soreng Theater, The Studio, Jacobs Gallery and Cuthbert Amphitheater









The Eugene Amtrak station, located off of W 5th Ave., transports travelers up and down the West Coast.

We then proceeded to check out the Eugene Amtrak station. I decided to stand on the train tracks, where I heard a train driving away from us.










the Buffalo Exchange, located on W 5th Ave., is a store where customers can buy, sell or exchange recycled clothes and items.

Located next to the Amtrak station was the Buffalo Exchange, which is where students can go to find clothing, either new or recycled, for a bargain price. It’s a great way for students to find hip and affordable clothing.









Voodoo donuts, located on E Broadway, is a donuts shop that is famous for its unique designs and toppings.

Arguably the most well-known restaurant in our area, Voodoo Donuts, was our next stop in downtown Eugene. The employees there were very friendly and interested in what we were working on. The sight and smell of these donuts made it very tempting to purchase a dozen or two.








The Eugene Station is primarily a bus station for the Lane Transit District (LTD).

The Eugene station was our last stop. We thought it was a location that the majority of the Eugene residents have been before. The clock tower that is featured in the photo to the left was created by a local glass artist named John Rose.


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