Experience the “Friendliness” of Friendly Neighborhood

Friendly Neighborhood is centered around its namesake, Friendly Street, which is located between Adams and Monroe St. This neighborhood was named after a 19th century admired mayor of Eugene, Sam Friendly. The area is filled with many friendly, bright, and unique homes, shops, and residents.

I first began my journey around Friendly Neighborhood at Friendly Park, located on 27th and Monroe St. Though it was rainy, it was easy to see what a beautiful park it would be to bring your children or pets and relax on a sunny day.

Friendly Park, located on 27th and Monroe.

I then ventured just down the road and stumbled upon a few small shops, which included “The Healthy Pet” where residents can shop for natural pet supplies. This was a relatively large pet shop, which means that many residents in Friendly most likely have pets.

The Healthy Pet, located on 28th and Friendly.

After scoping out the pet shop for some cute dog accessories, I ventured down to 27th and Adams where I couldn’t help but notice an old-school yellow school bus sitting in someone’s backyard.

Yellow school bus parked between 27th/28th and Adams.

Because it was raining, I didn’t seem to find many residents wandering the streets, but I did get a sense of a Friendly Neighborhood personality when I ran into this yard care sign at the stop sign on 25th and Madison.

Yard Care Superman!

I also got the sense that residents of the Friendly neighborhood aren’t afraid to get out and adventure! I stumbled upon this house at random and loved their creative front-yard kayak decorations.

Kayak yard decorations in front of Friendly neighborhood house.

When I felt as though I had finally received a good understanding of this neighborhood’s “friendliness” I decided to return home. Although this picture is blurry, I feel that it captures the neighborhoods personality in a nutshell. On my way home, I drove past a tennis court on 19th and Washington. I  watched as two men were playing together in the rain, and then I was flashed.

With a big smile on his face, this tennis player flashes my passing car.

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