Experience in Whiteaker Neighborhood

The Whiteaker neighborhood, located past northwest downtown, is a neighborhood that celebrates entrepreneurs and community involvement. My cousin lives in what we coined “The Whit,” primarily because of the unique and diverse individuals that make up the neighborhood. It is not uncommon to find houses, automobiles, and businesses decorated flamboyantly.

Due to work obligations, I was unable to meet up with the group and travel to “The Whit” together. Instead I ventured into the neighborhood alone around 6 p.m. on Tuesday, April 10. The resulting images show just how unique the neighborhood is.


Unique house that shows the celebration of diversity in the Whiteaker neighborhood.


The New Day Bakery mural which is common for business in the Whiteaker.

Picture of Maurie Jacobs Park, a commonly used park in the neighborhood. Located at the end of Grand St.


ZDreamz Art- Another unique business in the Whiteaker neighborhood. Neighborhood was quiet as the rain started to pour.

Slash and Burn, another unique business celebrating diversity. Also gave off a mysterious feeling as the rain began to pour.

About ryanbroadhead

Living in Eugene, Ore., I am engulfed in everything baseball. I am also passionate about writing, photography, movies, and sports. Tracking down good concerts are my escape from real life, where I strive to always do the right thing.
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