Discovering Downtown

Eugene’s downtown neighborhood fans out from the intersection of 13th Ave. and High St. all the way through Skinner Butte Park. It’s the most dynamic part of Eugene; filled with restaurants, businesses, and bars. We started our journey on 7th Ave. and Broadway St., wandering the blustery streets, weaving in and out of post-rush hour traffic and made our way to some of downtown’s best.

The Hult Center is home to some of Eugene's most prominent displays of theater.

We started at The Hult Center, a performing arts theater that has, in recent years, hosted the likes of Bill Cosby and Wicked.

Mecca stands for Materials Exchange Center for Community Arts.

Located near the Amtrak train station, Mecca acts as a sort of Buffalo Exchange (also located by the train station on 5th Ave.) for craft materials.

McDonald Theatre opened in 1925.

We moved closer to the heart of downtown by Eugene station, the center of the public transport system in Eugene. We found McDonald Theatre, advertising for an upcoming concert.

Eugene's public library is located right next to Eugene bus station for easy access.

Eugene’s city library  provides a friendly alternative to campus libraries and caters to the reading habits of children, teens, and adults.

Voodoo Doughnuts is one of the most popular destinations in Eugene. Their unique and comedic treats attract all kinds of Eugene residents.

We ended our journey with a much-deserved stop at Voodoo Doughnuts, where the employees were kind enough to let us in from the cold and take pictures inside one of the most unique eateries Eugene has to offer.

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