Discovering Amazon

It’s a place you’ve all seen a hundred times, something we all drive by to get to that Albertsons way out on 30th, and somewhere we all mean to check out more often. The Amazon neighborhood of Eugene has so much to offer, it makes me wonder why I haven’t spent more time there.

Starting at 24th and Agate, a close enough walk from our own SOJC headquarters, you can pick up a movie rental from Silver Screen Video, a local business that is somehow outlasting Blockbuster.


If you continue on farther south to the Laurel Wood Golf Course, the view changes from secluded to open and urban in the ascent of just one hilltop. Traveling past residential homes, elementary schools, plenty of churches, and even an outdoor gym, we finally hit Amazon park and transit station, a central point in the Amazon neighborhood for dog lovers, trail runners, carpoolers, and bus riders.


Homes facing the Laurelwood Golf Course show the secluded areas of Amazon.


The "Park & Ride" lot next to the Amazon bus station and dog park offer an easy way for residents to carpool, recreate, and socialize.

Along the perimeter, we found many recreational areas, a community center complete with epic water slides and skate parks, and local businesses emitting the infamous Eugene flair. From the Humble Beagle to Paul’s Bicycle Way of Life to the Very Little Theater, the store names were catchy and their atmospheres inviting.


Colorful house on E 24th St. gives off the friendly vibe to the neighborhood.


Painted fire hydrants give the community a sense of unity and creativity.

Back down 24th, the hand-painted fire hydrants marked our path back to Agate Hall as we all wondered why hadn’t made the short trip to Amazon before.

About lilybnelson

Hi! My name is Lily Nelson and I come from the glorious state of Utah. Nestled between mountains at 6,000 feet, I find comfort in a good hike, dogs, the trees, crossword puzzles, campfires, kitchen utensils, family, friends, and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Between my sense of humor and my strong need for things to flow with rhythm and meaning, I have always been able to express myself best through my way with words. Maybe it’s because I come from a family of writers, but sometimes I feel like I spend too much time focusing on words, finding the English section on the ACT to be a good time or reading novels in Spanish while on the treadmill. Yet, in a way this trait of mine has been a blessing disguise, making me realize that whatever I happen to do with my life must fulfill my love for the written word, no matter which language.
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