A Stroll through Amazon Neighborhood

Welcome to Amazon Neighborhood, a district in Eugene, Oregon that encompasses 24th Avenue on the north, Agate Street and Laurelwood Golf Course on the east, 30th Avenue on the south, and Amazon Creek on the west. Strolling around this large expanse of Eugene, me and my colleagues discovered a variety of stores, houses, parks, schools, and playgrounds located in this area.  I drove myself and three other people in my group around 5 p.m. to see exactly what we will be reporting on and what the area has to offer news-wise.

The Amazon City Park located in the southern corner of the neighborhood attracts not only runners and joggers, but is a place for skateboarders at the little skatepark inside.  The Amazon Park also has gated dog park area where pooches are free to roam a fairly expansive area.

The Silver Screen Video store located on Agate Street has a wide variety of movies to choose from.  Many students as well as local residents in the neighborhood use this rental place because there are very few movie rental stores and they are very spread out in the city of Eugene.

The Amazon Neighborhood also includes the Laurelwood Golf Course, which has been there since 1929. The 9-hole course is a beautiful expanse of trees, grass, and a few sand pits.  It is tucked into the quiet residential area of Eugene, but still close to the busy University of Oregon campus. You can see a glimpse of the golf course in the background of the photograph.

This funky house is located just down the street from Silver Screen Video. While still in the residential area of Eugene surrounded by shingled, quaint bungalow houses with young families, this house is a reminder of the hippy-esque side that Eugene has. Not only does it add a pop of color to the usually gloomy weather, you cannot help but get a little smile while looking at it.

Don’t have a car and want to go to the park? Try the Lane Transit System! The bus stops right next to the park and other locations throughout the city to make it more accessible. There is always a way to explore the Amazon Neighborhood and the rest of Eugene in style!

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