Exploring Churchill: Day 1

Churchill neighborhood sign located off of 18th st.

The Churchill neighborhood is located in the far west part of Eugene, just miles from Downtown and the University area. By driving west, straight down 18th st., one will land in the Churchill neighborhood, just as my group did. The Churchill neighborhood is not considered to be one of the more well-known or visited parts of Eugene.

City View St., one of the major roads in Eugene that marks the boundary of the Churchill neighborhood.

As our group explored the area, we found that the neighborhood was not buzzing with people or activity, but instead there were many deserted homes and buildings. The cloudy Eugene weather seemed to mimic the somber mood of the Churchill neighborhood.

What once was the, "All That and More" Childcare Center is now an abandoned building off of Bailey Hill Rd. in the Churchill neighborhood.

A boarded up, abandoned home located in the Churchill neighborhood on the corner of 18th and City View St.

However, we did stumble upon Churchill High School and more activity going on at the sports park located behind the school. The sports park includes a football field, playground, basketball court, and skate park. Students that enjoy skateboarding in their free time, told us they come to the skate park every day after school.There were also  a number of people playing a pick-up game of basketball on the court next to the skating area.

Neighborhood locals spending their free time skating at the sports park behind Churchill High School.

After one day of exploring the Churchill neighborhood, we look forward to finding out what else goes on in the west side part of town in the upcoming weeks!

About tenleyk

Senior Broadcast Journalism major at the University of Oregon. Interested in sports, television and film, good food and traveling!
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