Neighborhood News Assignment #1 for #J361

Lincoln School, in the Jefferson Westside Neighborhood, via Zillow.Com

Neighborhood Assignment #1 for #J361 (Schwartz/Steffen)

In your neighborhood groups, determine what the boundaries of your neighborhood are (you can see them pretty clearly on the maps). Go out as a group and take photos of those boundaries as well as anything within the neighborhood that you find interesting.

Each person will post his or her own story to the blog, though you may share photos if you need to.

You may use “we” or “I” or “our group” in this post.

Please write a short introduction for your post, explaining where the neighborhood is and how you got there with your group. Then post at least five photos of the neighborhood, with captions explaining where you were, when you were there, what the weather was like, who was around, what you could hear, anything like that.

Some examples from past years:
Amazon (this one needs an introduction)

Due date: By 11:59 p.m. Tuesday, April 10, on the WordPress site
Hint: Please tag (do not categorize) your post with the name of your neighborhood and your name
Further hint: Please spell the name of your neighborhood correctly, and please put a headline on your post.

About Suzi Steffen

Suzi Steffen teaches, writes, edits, reviews and rides (an adult tricycle named Momo) in Eugene, Oregon. For many years, she taught as an adjunct instructor at the University of Oregon's School of Journalism and Communication. As of fall 2015, she's teaching in Oregon State's New Media and Communications program. Suzi also edits Lane Monthly and works as an arts journalist across the state and country. Email her at suzisteffen at gmail dot com; find her on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook for more info; and check out Lane Monthly in print around Lane County and online at
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