Introduction: Ashley Shaffer

My name is Ashley Shaffer and I am currently a junior at University of Oregon majoring in Magazine Journalism. I have a strong passion for the ocean and animals. You could possibly even argue that I am borderline obsessive about the two. When I see a dog, squirrel, or any animal I find appealing, you’ll know. Simply because I will tell you it’s there, probably run over and try to pet it, and possibly adopt it as my new pet. Growing up on Maui, Hawai’i, it is easy to see where my love for the ocean developed. With vast amounts of over development and destruction, the things I have a passion for are being polluted, destroyed, or killed. I feel that through writing, I can make a difference. Every day, I strive for my goal of working for an environmental magazine where I can use my love of writing to fight for and save the things that I am passionate for.

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